October 2016

Oct. 1:  No Name Trail Race (15k, 30k, 50k, 50 miler)

Patty Bryant:  25th overall and 13th GP, 6:50:42 (50k)

Joe DeVreese:  1st overall and 1st GP, 3:49:11 (marathon)

Monica DeVreese:  14th overall and 7th GP, 5:24:07 (50k)

Kate Elliott:  4th overall and 1st GP, 4:46:34 (50k)

Stephanie Fronk:  13th overall and 6th GP, 5:22:24 (50k)

Mark Warren:  18th overall and 10th GP, 6:04:02 (50k)

Full results here

Oct. 1:  Baker Lake 50k

Dave Odell:  52nd overall and 35th GP, 6:11:05

DeAnna Odell:  15th overall and 5th GP, 5:19:36

Full results here

Oct. 8:  Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Miles

Heidi Heitkamp:  69th overall and 17th GP, 11:23:28

Full results here

Oct. 8:  Yosemite Half Marathon

Patty Bryant:  1853rd overall and 1175th GP, 2:52:27

Oct. 12:  Mt. Whitney Summit

Patty Bryant, Monica DeVreese, Kate Elliott, DeAnna Odell

Oct. 16:  Fox Fall Classic XC (5 miles)

Patty Bryant:  30th overall and 6th GP, 40:01

Full results here

Oct. 22:  Santa Cruz Island Half Marathon

Patty Bryant:  13th overall and 5th GP, 2:13:47

Kate Elliott:  3rd overall and 1st GP, 1:55:46

Full results here

Oct. 29:  Summit for Danny