May 2017

May 6:  Miwok 100k

Patty Bryant: 217th overall and 50th GP, 14:58:12

Joe DeVreese: 13th overall and 12th GP, 10:37:55

Monica DeVreese: 77th overall and 11th GP, 12:21:00

Dave Odell: 95th overall and 80th GP, 12:4513

DeAnna Odell: 78th overall and12th GP, 12:21:01

Full results here

May 20:  Born to Run Ultramarathons

Karen Boris: 52nd overall and 19th GP, 7:05:19

Stephanie Fronk: 14th overall and 3rd GP, 5:06:51

Kate Elliott: 2nd overall and 1st GP, 3:36:28

Heidi Heitkamp: 62nd overall and 25th GP, 7:15:12

Full results here

May 28:  Mountains to Beach Marathon

Patty Bryant: 755th overall and 234th GP, 3:39:33

Joe DeVreese: 21st overall and 20th GP, 2:51:33

Monica DeVreese: 374th overall and 56th GP, 3:22:36

Dave Odell: 810th overall and 549th GP, 3:41:27

DeAnna Odell: 268th overall and 32nd GP, 3:17:11

Full results here