March 2017

March 11:  Coyote Backbone 68 Miles

Karen Boris, Patty Bryant, Ken Hughes: results coming soon!

March 12:  San Diego Half Marathon

Tyler Hansen:  7th overall and 7th GP, 1:12:22

Full results here

March 19:  Los Angeles Marathon

Ken Hughes:  2255th overall and 1845th GP, 3:58:52

Full results here

March 25:  Nine Trails 35 Miles

Karen Boris: 55th overall and 9th GP, 9:58:37

Joe DeVreese: 12th overall and 9th GP, 7:47:41

Monica DeVreese: 20th overall and 5th GP, 8:27:42

Kate Elliott: 3rd overall and 2nd GP, 7:05:50

Ken Hughes: 40th overall and 34th GP, 9:18:11

Dave Odell: 23rd overall and 18th GP, 8:46:26

DeAnna Odell: 14th overall and 4th GP, 8:08:47

Mark Warren: 28th overall and 23rd GP, 8:56:56

Full results here