March 2016

March 5:  Ramble on Romero

Karen Boris:  6 miles, 37th overall and 17th GP, 1:19:10

Monica DeVreese:  12 miles, 20th overall and 5th GP, 1:55:35

Charity Dubberley:  12 miles, 16th overall and 3rd GP, 1:49:57

Kate Elliott:  12 miles, 11th overall and 2nd GP, 1:43:22

Stephanie Fronk:  6 miles, 14th overall and 3rd GP, 59:22

Heidi Heitkamp:  6 miles, 33rd overall and 15th GP, 1:16:17

Dave Odell:  12 miles, 38th overall and 22nd GP, 2:15:24

DeAnna Odell:  12 miles, 19th overall and 4th GP, 1:55:35

Mike Swan:  12 miles, 8th overall and 7th GP, 1:38:55

Full results here

March 12:  Marin Ultra Challenge

Ken Hughes:  25K, 47th overall and 33rd GP, 2:26:06

Full results here

March 26:  Nine Trails 35 Miles

Karen Boris:  42nd overall and 11th GP, 9:30:07

Patty Bryant:  54th overall and 12th GP, 9:48:37

Joe DeVreese:  9th overall and 9th GP, 7:21:59

Monica DeVreese:  23rd overall and 5th GP, 8:28:50

Stephanie Fronk:  19th overall and 2nd GP, 8:19:28

Tyler Hansen:  1st overall and 1st GP, 5:59:59

Ken Hughes:  58th overall and 45th GP, 9:55:38

Dave Odell:  52nd overall and 41st GP, 9:48:17

DeAnna Odell:  22nd overall and 4th GP, 8:28:46

Bryan Toro:  2nd overall and 2nd GP, 6:02:57

Mark Warren:  44th overall and 33rd GP, 9:31:17

Full results here