August 2016

Aug. 6:  Angeles Crest 100 Miles

Joe DeVreese:  19th overall and 19th GP, 24:28:26

Ken Hughes:  42nd overall and 41st GP, 27:01:13

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Aug. 7:  Audi Power of Four 50k

Patty Bryant:  50th overall and 15th GP, 9:44:50

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Aug 13:  Cinderella 30k

Mark Warren:  4th overall and 4th GP, 3:07:38

Full results can be found here

Aug. 27:  Cascade Crest 100 Miles

Monica DeVreese:  49th overall and 10th GP, 27:59:24

Dave Odell:  38th overall and 30th GP, 26:48:45

DeAnna Odell:  52nd overall and 11th GP, 28:21:48

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Aug. 27:  Bulldog 50k

Kate Elliott:  9th overall and 2nd GP, 4:37:28

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