State Street Mile

Congrats Tyler on a great State Street Mile! An awesome way to tune up for the Dispea race which is fast approaching. The State Street Mile is a mile long race down the main thoroughfare of Santa Barbara. The race is all downhill and the perfect opportunity to snag a PR in the mile. To avoid congestion, heats are often divided up based on age groups. Best of all, there is a dog mile which can actually be quite competitive.

Tyler Hansen dog mile from Vanessa
Dog Mile Success!  Photo Credit:  Vanessa Hansen

Tyler competed in both the mile and the dog mile. And such a cute dog! Both races were speedy! June gloom provided cool temperatures and great running conditions. Tyler placed second in his age group and fifth in the dog mile!!

Official Results:

Tyler Hansen: 2nd AG, 4:30; 5th Dog Mile, 5:19

Full results here


Mountains to Beach Marathon

Our SB Mountain Racing team members hit the roads for a flat, fast marathon! Congrats to Monica, DeAnna, Patty, Joe, and Dave for completing the Mountains2Beach marathon! Mountains2Beach is a great marathon for a PR or a Boston qualifier. The course is net downhill and runs from Ojai to Ventura (near the beach!). There is a marathon, half, and 5K with the marathon containing about 3000 entrants. Definitely a team favorite when looking for a fast marathon.

The course winds through Ojai before descending to Ventura. Some bikepath miles later, runners reach downtown Ventura. From there, it’s beach side running to the finish line. Temperatures were moderate and it was a good day to run.

Speedy rabbits!  Photo Credit:  Monica DeVreese

What a great showing!! Joe and DeAnna were first in their respective age groups and Patty came in 3rd in her age group. Great job team!

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 755th overall and 234th GP, 3:39:33

Joe DeVreese: 21st overall and 20th GP, 2:51:33

Monica DeVreese: 374th overall and 56th GP, 3:22:36

Dave Odell: 810th overall and 549th GP, 3:41:27

DeAnna Odell: 268th overall and 32nd GP, 3:17:11

Full results here

Born to Run Ultras

Go team! It was hot and miserable but everyone persevered and finished the “30 miler” (actually 32 miles). Born to Run Ultramarathons takes place on a cattle ranch in Los Olivos, a short drive from Santa Barbara. Always a hometown favorite, this race offers a plethora of distances and a weekend worth of fun. The party officially starts on Wednesday with the start of the four-day event (that’s a lot of 10 mile loops!) and continues through Sunday morning. Many of our SB contingent did choose to enjoy the Saturday night Dirtbag Prom!

SB trail runners camper from Heidi
Nancy’s SB Trail Running camper.  Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp

Luis gave the usual pre-race briefing and we tried to listen. The course is long by about 2 miles. Pink, yellow, pink; blue is bad. If I get lost, hurt, or die, it’s my own damn fault. A shot gun blast and the runners take off. Temperatures crept up into the 90s despite an overnight chill. The 10 mile loops are mostly exposed fireroad but offer occasional shade respites. The heat and the additional mileage meant slower-than-expected race times. Nevertheless, post-race relaxation promised cold drinks, cupcakes, and puppies (thanks to the Patagonia contingent).

Kate pre-run from Heidi
Ready to run!  Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp
getting ready to run from Heidi
Pre-race huddle.  Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp

Congrats Kate on finishing first in the 30 miler! Our SB Mountain Running ladies showed up en force. Most of us tried to stay hydrated and pace for the heat. Congrats team!!

Karen & Heidi pre-race from Heidi
BTR 2017.  Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp

Official Results:

Karen Boris: 52nd overall and 19th GP, 7:05:19

Stephanie Fronk: 14th overall and 3rd GP, 5:06:51

Kate Elliott: 2nd overall and 1st GP, 3:36:28

Heidi Heitkamp: 62nd overall and 25th GP, 7:15:12

Full results here

Miwok 100k

Congratulations Monica, DeAnna, Joe, Dave, and Patty on awesome Miwok performances!! What a great showing by SB at such a fun, classic race. Miwok 100k takes place in the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco. This was the 22nd annual running of the race and, how cool, rabbit provided the race shirts! The weather conditions were perfect. Clear skies and cool temperatures. Just the right combination for enjoying all of the views this race has to offer. Miwok is an iconic race and definitely worth adding to adding to the bucket list. About 11,800 ft of elevation gain and primarily fire roads/single-track trails – a great first or fiftieth 100k race.

gear from Monica
Race swag.  Photo Credit:  Monica DeVreese

Miwok starts in the sleepy seaside town of Stinson Beach. This year the team made better accommodation decisions, opting for cute vacation rentals in place of sketchy motels. The 5am start time can be daunting but it affords runners the classic view of a train of headlamps working their way up the first climb. Runners were then treated to bagpipes at the Cardiac knoll. The course offers stunning views from the San Francisco Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge to Mt. Tam to the Pacific Ocean. Wildflowers were in bloom after the winter rains.

Patty on Bolinas Ridge
Rolling Meadows.  Photo Credit:  Elda Rudd

Our SB Mountain Racing team ran amazing races! Even more impressive in that all these men and ladies are preparing for summer/fall 100 milers. Congrats all!

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 217th overall and 50th GP, 14:58:12

Joe DeVreese: 13th overall and 12th GP, 10:37:55

Monica DeVreese: 77th overall and 11th GP, 12:21:00

Dave Odell: 95th overall and 80th GP, 12:4513

DeAnna Odell: 78th overall and12th GP, 12:21:01

Full results here

Boston Marathon 2017

Congrats SB Mountain Racing Boston marathoners!! You pushed through the hot weather and tough course with some awesome finishes! A large contingent from Santa Barbara qualified and trained for the Boston marathon. Just qualifying can be an achievement in itself considering the recent change in qualifying times. Track work, tempo efforts, marathon pace runs, strength conditioning – these runners put in the work needed to run strong.

Last tempo pre-Boston
Getting in a last tempo run.  Photo Credit: SBRR
SB Boston Runners pre-race
SB Boston Bound!  Photo Credit: SB Running Co.

The Boston marathon course travels from Hopkinton to downtown Boston with a finish in Copely Square. It takes place on Patriot’s Day (a Monday holiday essentially limited to Massachusetts). The course takes participants through a number of neighborhoods and towns such as Ashland, Framingham, and Wellesley. The infamous Heartbreak Hill pops up a little after mile 20. The entire course, especially the streets of Boston, are lined with spectators cheering on the runners. Often they offer kisses at Wellesley and beer at Heartbreak Hill.

Boston girls from Monica
Run Boston in rabbit!  Photo Credit: Monica DeVreese

Coming off cool winter morning runs in SB made the heat in Boston challenging. Nevertheless, our runners persisted. Many sporting their awesome Boston rabbit gear! For many, this year was another chance at running and iconic (and personally meaningful) race. Great job to all our finishers!!

Official Results:

Karen Boris: 18071st overall and 7308th GP, 4:11:58

Patty Bryant: 14719th overall and 5367th GP, 3:56:50

Monica DeVreese: 5503rd overall and 894th GP, 3:24:01

Tyler Hansen: 127th overall and 111th GP, 2:36:57

Heidi Heitkamp: 20428th overall and 8670th GP, 4:25:49

DeAnna Odell: 5922nd overall and 1030th GP, 3:25:45

Full results here

Gorge Waterfalls 100k

Congrats Kevin on a great first 100k performance!! The Gorge Waterfalls 100k attracts a speedy crowd with the promise of two Golden Tickets each to the top two male and female finishers. It’s also a Western States qualifier and offers an awesome post-race party with local micro brew, wood-fired pizza, and live bluegrass music.

The out-and-back course is stunningly beautiful. Located at the Columbia River Gorge in Cascade Locks, OR, this race boasts over 6 waterfalls. Runners even get to run behind a waterfall – how cool! The race starts at sea level with about 12,000 ft elevation gain and loss on mostly single-track trail. Pictures show lots of water, trees, and greenery.

All smiles the whole race as captured by his girlfriend and crew. All your months are training paid off. Congrats Kevin on a strong race!!

Pictures coming soon!

Official Results:

Kevin Cody: 26th overall and 23rd GP, 11:55:24

Full results here

Nine Trails 2017 Edition

Another year, another 9 Trails. This race brings runners back year after year. The SB Mountain Racing team put up a strong showing. And what a perfect day to race. Other than some humidity, temperatures remained cool and there was even a brief spurt of rain. Luis starts the race with the usual oath, this time letting Sebastian, the youngest 9Trails finisher lead the crowd.

Mark & Karen from Heidi
All smiles at the finish.  Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp

From my viewpoint at the Romero Aid Station, everyone was running strong at the halfway point. I didn’t even have to kick Mark out of the aid station for staying too long. The total amount of climbing remains challenging with over 11,000 ft of total gain and loss. While the rains have reduced the SB drought and brought an abundance of plant-life, they also even further increased the technical (rocky, rooty) aspects of our trails. Still great to have lush trails and water in the creeks.

Monica, DeAnna, Ron
Half-way there. Photo Credit: Jeff Cygan

Kate finished second for the ladies and third overall!! It was a good day for many of our runners with several PRs and generally stellar performances. Karen and Ken just two weeks post-Backbone! Congrats Karen, Joe, Monica, Kate, Ken, Dave, DeAnna, and Mark!!

Official Results:

Karen Boris: 55th overall and 9th GP, 9:58:37

Joe DeVreese: 12th overall and 9th GP, 7:47:41

Monica DeVreese: 20th overall and 5th GP, 8:27:42

Kate Elliott: 3rd overall and 2nd GP, 7:05:50

Ken Hughes: 40th overall and 34th GP, 9:18:11

Dave Odell: 23rd overall and 18th GP, 8:46:26

DeAnna Odell: 14th overall and 4th GP, 8:08:47

Mark Warren: 28th overall and 23rd GP, 8:56:56

Full results here

Romero Aid Station Crew
Providing plenty of aid.  Photo Credit: Jeff Cygan