Mountains to Beach Marathon

Our SB Mountain Racing team members hit the roads for a flat, fast marathon! Congrats to Monica, DeAnna, Patty, Joe, and Dave for completing the Mountains2Beach marathon! Mountains2Beach is a great marathon for a PR or a Boston qualifier. The course is net downhill and runs from Ojai to Ventura (near the beach!). There is a marathon, half, and 5K with the marathon containing about 3000 entrants. Definitely a team favorite when looking for a fast marathon.

The course winds through Ojai before descending to Ventura. Some bikepath miles later, runners reach downtown Ventura. From there, it’s beach side running to the finish line. Temperatures were moderate and it was a good day to run.

Speedy rabbits!  Photo Credit:  Monica DeVreese

What a great showing!! Joe and DeAnna were first in their respective age groups and Patty came in 3rd in her age group. Great job team!

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 755th overall and 234th GP, 3:39:33

Joe DeVreese: 21st overall and 20th GP, 2:51:33

Monica DeVreese: 374th overall and 56th GP, 3:22:36

Dave Odell: 810th overall and 549th GP, 3:41:27

DeAnna Odell: 268th overall and 32nd GP, 3:17:11

Full results here


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