Born to Run Ultras

Go team! It was hot and miserable but everyone persevered and finished the “30 miler” (actually 32 miles). Born to Run Ultramarathons takes place on a cattle ranch in Los Olivos, a short drive from Santa Barbara. Always a hometown favorite, this race offers a plethora of distances and a weekend worth of fun. The party officially starts on Wednesday with the start of the four-day event (that’s a lot of 10 mile loops!) and continues through Sunday morning. Many of our SB contingent did choose to enjoy the Saturday night Dirtbag Prom!

SB trail runners camper from Heidi
Nancy’s SB Trail Running camper.  Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp

Luis gave the usual pre-race briefing and we tried to listen. The course is long by about 2 miles. Pink, yellow, pink; blue is bad. If I get lost, hurt, or die, it’s my own damn fault. A shot gun blast and the runners take off. Temperatures crept up into the 90s despite an overnight chill. The 10 mile loops are mostly exposed fireroad but offer occasional shade respites. The heat and the additional mileage meant slower-than-expected race times. Nevertheless, post-race relaxation promised cold drinks, cupcakes, and puppies (thanks to the Patagonia contingent).

Kate pre-run from Heidi
Ready to run!  Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp
getting ready to run from Heidi
Pre-race huddle.  Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp

Congrats Kate on finishing first in the 30 miler! Our SB Mountain Running ladies showed up en force. Most of us tried to stay hydrated and pace for the heat. Congrats team!!

Karen & Heidi pre-race from Heidi
BTR 2017.  Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp

Official Results:

Karen Boris: 52nd overall and 19th GP, 7:05:19

Stephanie Fronk: 14th overall and 3rd GP, 5:06:51

Kate Elliott: 2nd overall and 1st GP, 3:36:28

Heidi Heitkamp: 62nd overall and 25th GP, 7:15:12

Full results here


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