Miwok 100k

Congratulations Monica, DeAnna, Joe, Dave, and Patty on awesome Miwok performances!! What a great showing by SB at such a fun, classic race. Miwok 100k takes place in the Marin Headlands, just north of San Francisco. This was the 22nd annual running of the race and, how cool, rabbit provided the race shirts! The weather conditions were perfect. Clear skies and cool temperatures. Just the right combination for enjoying all of the views this race has to offer. Miwok is an iconic race and definitely worth adding to adding to the bucket list. About 11,800 ft of elevation gain and primarily fire roads/single-track trails – a great first or fiftieth 100k race.

gear from Monica
Race swag.  Photo Credit:  Monica DeVreese

Miwok starts in the sleepy seaside town of Stinson Beach. This year the team made better accommodation decisions, opting for cute vacation rentals in place of sketchy motels. The 5am start time can be daunting but it affords runners the classic view of a train of headlamps working their way up the first climb. Runners were then treated to bagpipes at the Cardiac knoll. The course offers stunning views from the San Francisco Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge to Mt. Tam to the Pacific Ocean. Wildflowers were in bloom after the winter rains.

Patty on Bolinas Ridge
Rolling Meadows.  Photo Credit:  Elda Rudd

Our SB Mountain Racing team ran amazing races! Even more impressive in that all these men and ladies are preparing for summer/fall 100 milers. Congrats all!

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 217th overall and 50th GP, 14:58:12

Joe DeVreese: 13th overall and 12th GP, 10:37:55

Monica DeVreese: 77th overall and 11th GP, 12:21:00

Dave Odell: 95th overall and 80th GP, 12:4513

DeAnna Odell: 78th overall and12th GP, 12:21:01

Full results here


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