Nine Trails 2017 Edition

Another year, another 9 Trails. This race brings runners back year after year. The SB Mountain Racing team put up a strong showing. And what a perfect day to race. Other than some humidity, temperatures remained cool and there was even a brief spurt of rain. Luis starts the race with the usual oath, this time letting Sebastian, the youngest 9Trails finisher lead the crowd.

Mark & Karen from Heidi
All smiles at the finish.  Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp

From my viewpoint at the Romero Aid Station, everyone was running strong at the halfway point. I didn’t even have to kick Mark out of the aid station for staying too long. The total amount of climbing remains challenging with over 11,000 ft of total gain and loss. While the rains have reduced the SB drought and brought an abundance of plant-life, they also even further increased the technical (rocky, rooty) aspects of our trails. Still great to have lush trails and water in the creeks.

Monica, DeAnna, Ron
Half-way there. Photo Credit: Jeff Cygan

Kate finished second for the ladies and third overall!! It was a good day for many of our runners with several PRs and generally stellar performances. Karen and Ken just two weeks post-Backbone! Congrats Karen, Joe, Monica, Kate, Ken, Dave, DeAnna, and Mark!!

Official Results:

Karen Boris: 55th overall and 9th GP, 9:58:37

Joe DeVreese: 12th overall and 9th GP, 7:47:41

Monica DeVreese: 20th overall and 5th GP, 8:27:42

Kate Elliott: 3rd overall and 2nd GP, 7:05:50

Ken Hughes: 40th overall and 34th GP, 9:18:11

Dave Odell: 23rd overall and 18th GP, 8:46:26

DeAnna Odell: 14th overall and 4th GP, 8:08:47

Mark Warren: 28th overall and 23rd GP, 8:56:56

Full results here

Romero Aid Station Crew
Providing plenty of aid.  Photo Credit: Jeff Cygan

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