Coyote Backbone

Congrats Karen, Ken, and Patty on finishing Backbone!! That race is no joke and finishing is such an accomplishment. The Backbone trail traverses the Santa Monica Mountains from Will Rogers State Park to the Ray Miller trail head at Point Magu. This 68 mile point-to-point course contains almost 15,000 ft of elevation gain with the highest point at about 3000 ft. Despite its difficulty, the trail promises gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The trail shifts between wide, steep fire roads and stunning single-track.

sunset from Karen
Sunset.  Photo Credit:  Karen Boris

Howard and Mike, the race directors, always dish out a good time. Participants are usually assigned nicknames and can often be awarded bonus points (or its opposite) for good (bad) behavior. Previous years have included entrants entertaining the aid station volunteers reading book passages or with ukulele music. Most years, a notable finisher award includes the blood cloaking device, given to the finisher with the most blood left on the trail.

Karen at mile 43 from Karen
Mile 43.  Photo Credit: Karen Boris
Patty at Encinal from Nancy
Duck tape fixes everything!  Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan
Ken at Encinal from Nancy
Dinosaurs at Encinal Aid Station.  Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Our SB mountain runners had fun out on the trail! Ken spent the day continually trying to chase Karen down. Coming down the final stretch of Ray Miller toward the finish line, he finally caught her and they finished the race together. Congrats Patty, Karen, and Ken!!

Official Results:

No results have yet been posted.


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