SBRSW – Santa Barbara Running Stupid Week

What better way to start the year than doing something just a little stupid? Santa Barbara runners took on the challenge of running 100 miles in a week (without doing a 100 mile race). Extra kudos were given to the first runner to complete 100 miles and to the runner with the most miles at the end of the week. On New Year’s Eve, we started logging some solid weekend miles in case we got tired later in the week. A New Year’s Eve run hosted by Mark Fennell provided the perfect excuse for a second Saturday run to tack on those few bonus miles. A 100 mile week – good training for those late winter/early spring ultras.

New Year’s Eve sunset.  Photo Credit:  George Williams

Santa Barbara Mountain Racing team members Joe, Monica, DeAnna, Ken, Mark, and Stephanie successfully completed the challenge. Phil, another local SB trail runner, was the first to finish all 100 miles and went back for more. Other participants included Ashlee Francis and Lauren McClanahan. Individual runs ranged from short to long, flat to hilly, pavement to dirt to track, slow to fast. Santa Barbara got some much needed rain which meant we also experienced chilly and wet runs. Sometimes two runs in a single day were required. Thankfully many of us founds friends to share some of the miles. It wasn’t easy but by Friday evening, we could all claim success and begin planning a bit of recovery before our next big adventure.

Ken & Mark tackle Blue Canyon.  Photo Credit: Ken Hughes
Beach miles!  Photo Credit: Ken Hughes

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