Dave’s 50 for 50 for $50,000

Dave accomplished an amazing goal for his 50th birthday. He ran 50 miles around the Westmont Track as a fundraiser of $50,000 for the Santa Barbara Track Club and the Westmont Athletic Program. The Santa Barbara Track Club supports elite athletes who serve as coaches and mentors to both youths and adults in order to promote physical activity. The Westmont Athletic Program runs the sports programs of Westmont, a local college in Santa Barbara. Donations of any amount were accepted or people could donate a specific amount and join Dave on the track for 1 to 10 miles.

Photo Credit:  Westmont Athletics

By running 50 miles around the Westmont Track, Dave not only supported two important local organizations but also set the stadium record for the longest distances run on the track. He was joined on his journey by many local runners including DeAnna, Karen, Monica and Joe.

Photo Credit:  Westmont Athletics

Dave made the local written, radio, and TV news. Check it out on KEYT’s website. What an awesome way to start a new calendar year and to celebrate a milestone birthday!

Congrats Dave! Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp
Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp

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