California International Marathon

Congrats Monica, DeAnna, and Dave on finishing CIM!! CIM is a road marathon with a net elevation loss, an ideal Boston qualifier. CIM is a point-to-point course which starts near the Folsom Dam and ends at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The marathon distance often attracts over 9000 runners. Thankfully the first section of the course includes wide streets to prevent congestion. CIM promises amble aid, massive crowd support, and on-course entertainment.

Weather in Sacramento in early December promises cool temperatures and sunny skies (although past years have included rain) based on 33 years worth of data. This year did not disappoint. Temperatures were cool and the weather was perfect for a long road run.

Monica and DeAnna ran and finished together, getting in some good training miles on the roads. Dave also ran well. Other local road runners joined the crowd including Maggie Mason, Lisa Dosch, Jana McKee, and Jamie. Local legend Curly ran a smoking fast time of 2:21:21 for 14th overall. Great job to all on representing SB!

Photo Credit: Monica DeVreese

Official Results:

Monica DeVreese: 1257th overall and 274th GP, 3:28:53

Dave Odell: 2073rd overall and 1458th GP, 3:48:38

DeAnna Odell: 1256th overall and 273rd GP, 3:28:53


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