Santa Cruz Island Half Marathon

Congratulations Kate and Patty on great races at the Santa Cruz Island Half Marathon!! Congrats Kate on a first place finish and Patty on a fifth place finish! Also known as the Eco-Extreme 23k Trail Run, the race takes place on one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz Island is one of several islands that comprise the Channel Islands National Park. The proceeds go to the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue charity. Always great to run for a cause. They were joined by a number of other SB folks including Brett Larsen, Nancy Kaplan, Katie Vining, Greg Lowe, Michael Martz, Kathy Higgins, and Debra McCarty.

Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Santa Cruz Island allows campers but has no permanent residents. All runners took the 6am chilly boat ride out to the island. Hopefully no one gets sea sick! The race starts at 8:15 at Prisoner’s Harbor and travels along the island trails. The course begins with about 2.7 miles of steep uphill fireroad. Then it narrows into ridgeline single-track with rolling hills, ending with a downhill finish. Views cover the other Channel Islands, the Pacific Ocean, and island wildness. Santa Cruz Island is also home to cute little foxes, a rare species only found on the island.

Boat ride to Santa Cruz Island.  Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Our ladies know how to rock the hills! They conquered this half marathon and brought back some hardware.

Kate receiving 1st place finisher swag. Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 13th overall and 5th GP, 2:13:47

Kate Elliott: 3rd overall and 1st GP, 1:55:46


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