Mt. Whitney

Four of our SB mountain racing ladies tackled Mt. Whitney! Monica, DeAnna, Patty, and Kate climbed up to 14,494 ft to summit Mt. Whitney, the highest point in lower 48 states. Mt. Whitney is a popular destination for hikers and runners looking for a challenge and thus the Forest Service requires visitors to obtain a permit before entering the area.

Ready to go! Photo credit: Monica DeVreese
Photo Credit: Kate Elliott

The trail begins at Whitney Portal with a starting elevation of 8360 ft. Thankfully early October tends to be light on snow, minimizing the need for extra snow and ice gear. The total mileage round trip is about 22 miles, give or take, with over 6000 ft of elevation gain. The views of the surrounding mountain ranges are worth the effort. After a tough climb to the top, it’s definitely necessary to add your name to the summit logbook!

Photo Credit: Kate Elliott
Success! Photo credit: Monica DeVreese

Congrats Monica, DeAnna, Patty, and Kate on such a fun adventure and great accomplishment!!


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