Baker Lake 50k

Congratulations DeAnna and Dave on finishing the Baker Lake trail 50k!! Great job DeAnna on winning the women’s masters division! A low key event, the race organizers take a family friendly approach to the race, encouraging runners to bring friends and family to enjoy the lake recreation area while they are running.

The location is upper Washington near the border with Canada (slightly northeast of Seattle). The race start is at Baker Lake and heads into Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The scenic course features a variety of flowers and plants, douglas fir trees, and flowing water. Plenty of rolling hills, bridge crossings, and maple leaf covered single-track. While beautiful, difficulties lie in the presence of only one real aid station at the turn-around (~15 miles) with very limited water at miles 5 and 25. The elevation gain is about 3400 ft but the course contains many technical sections with slippery moss and log bridges.

Congrats DeAnna and Dave!! Definitely a race worth checking out for any of our SB runners.

Photo Credit: Dave Odell

Official Results:

DeAnna Odell: 15th overall and 5th GP, 5:19:36

Dave Odell: 52nd overall and 35th GP, 6:11:05


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