No Name 5030

The Santa Barbara Mountain Racing team (and more generally SB) had a strong showing at No Name on October 1!! No Name 5030 has a variety of trail race distances ranging from 15k to 50 miles. The race takes place in Agoura Hill, CA at Cheeseboro Canyon park. Thankfully the 90+ degree heat earlier in the week broke leaving temperatures warm but not searing hot for race day. Even a little chilly at the start.

Photo Credit: Rachel

The course covers some beautiful views of the surrounding hillsides and nearby cities. The trails feature a mixture of fireroad and single-track – very run-able trails. Mostly exposed, the runners were occasionally shaded by beautiful, large oak trees. A welcome respite in the later, warmer miles. Unfortunately there are only two major aid stations at miles 10 and 15 with water drops scattered amid other miles.

Photo Credit: Craig Prater

SB Mountain Racing team members did fantastic at the 50k even if many of them got lost. Congratulations to Kate for winning the 50k! Joe and Daniel Scarberry were running super fast and unfortunately missed a turn, cutting the course short. I also got lost and added on two bonus miles to finish with 32 miles. Not long after an awesome finish at Cascade Crest 100, Monica ran a great race. Mark fought a troublesome hamstring and Patty wasn’t going to let a cold stop her. Both finished very well!!

Photo Credit:  Diona
Photo Credit: Steve Smith

A great showing from many of our SB trail runners. Diona fought through stomach trouble to come in third in the 50k. Michael Salsbury and his son Sebastian (at only 10 years old) ran together for the entire 50k. Kevin Cody and Craig Prater took second and third respectively in the 15k. David Silverander won the 30k! Jeannee Diaz and Mariann Thomas also ran the 15k. Steve Smith, Ashley Mayfield, James Aviani, and Michael Davenport also finished the 50k.

Congrats to all our SB runners!!

Photo Credit: Friendly No Name Runner

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 25th overall and 13th GP, 6:50:42

Monica DeVreese: 14th overall and 7th GP, 5:24:07

Kate Elliott: 4th overall and 1st GP, 4:46:34

Stephanie Fronk: 13th overall and 6th GP, 5:22:24

Mark Warren: 18th overall and 10th GP, 6:04:02


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