Santa Cruz Island Half Marathon

Congratulations Kate and Patty on great races at the Santa Cruz Island Half Marathon!! Congrats Kate on a first place finish and Patty on a fifth place finish! Also known as the Eco-Extreme 23k Trail Run, the race takes place on one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara. Santa Cruz Island is one of several islands that comprise the Channel Islands National Park. The proceeds go to the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue charity. Always great to run for a cause. They were joined by a number of other SB folks including Brett Larsen, Nancy Kaplan, Katie Vining, Greg Lowe, Michael Martz, Kathy Higgins, and Debra McCarty.

Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Santa Cruz Island allows campers but has no permanent residents. All runners took the 6am chilly boat ride out to the island. Hopefully no one gets sea sick! The race starts at 8:15 at Prisoner’s Harbor and travels along the island trails. The course begins with about 2.7 miles of steep uphill fireroad. Then it narrows into ridgeline single-track with rolling hills, ending with a downhill finish. Views cover the other Channel Islands, the Pacific Ocean, and island wildness. Santa Cruz Island is also home to cute little foxes, a rare species only found on the island.

Boat ride to Santa Cruz Island.  Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Our ladies know how to rock the hills! They conquered this half marathon and brought back some hardware.

Kate receiving 1st place finisher swag. Photo Credit: Nancy Kaplan

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 13th overall and 5th GP, 2:13:47

Kate Elliott: 3rd overall and 1st GP, 1:55:46


Fox Fall Cross Country Classic

Congratulations Patty on a great Fox Fall Cross Country Classic! This is a local race which takes place at Lake Los Carneros in Goleta. The terrain is primarily the trails that wind around the lake. The course consists of 4 loops for a total of 5 miles. Runners meander through trees and brush, occasionally glimpsing the little foxes which inhabit the area. Everyone is treated to Oktoberfest food post-race.

Race day provided clouds but unfortunately none of the drizzling rain that had been predicted. Perfect weather for running. Patty had a great race and placed first in her age group!!

Photo Credit: Mark Fennell

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 30th overall and 6th GP, 40:01

Mt. Whitney

Four of our SB mountain racing ladies tackled Mt. Whitney! Monica, DeAnna, Patty, and Kate climbed up to 14,494 ft to summit Mt. Whitney, the highest point in lower 48 states. Mt. Whitney is a popular destination for hikers and runners looking for a challenge and thus the Forest Service requires visitors to obtain a permit before entering the area.

Ready to go! Photo credit: Monica DeVreese
Photo Credit: Kate Elliott

The trail begins at Whitney Portal with a starting elevation of 8360 ft. Thankfully early October tends to be light on snow, minimizing the need for extra snow and ice gear. The total mileage round trip is about 22 miles, give or take, with over 6000 ft of elevation gain. The views of the surrounding mountain ranges are worth the effort. After a tough climb to the top, it’s definitely necessary to add your name to the summit logbook!

Photo Credit: Kate Elliott
Success! Photo credit: Monica DeVreese

Congrats Monica, DeAnna, Patty, and Kate on such a fun adventure and great accomplishment!!

Yosemite Half Marathon

Congratulations Patty on a great race! The Yosemite half marathon took place on October 8. The race takes place in Yosemite National Park. It’s also one of many races now attempting to generate zero waste. Very cool! The half marathon generates widespread interest with runners coming from across the country and across the globe.

The course is a mix of dirt and paved road. The first 5 miles are fireroad and the final 8.1 are on pavement with miles 6-10 comprising of awesome, fast downhill running. The race is point-to-point and net downhill with a starting elevation of 5500 ft and a final elevation of 3500 ft. The total elevation gain is about 500 ft. The final miles include views of the beautiful Bass Lake.

Photo Credit: Patty Bryant

Patty ran with Jessica. They had an awesome race!

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 1853rd overall and 1175th GP, 2:52:27

Dick Collins Firetrails 50

Congratulations Heidi!! Dick Collins had a much smaller SB contingent than years past but our runners represented well. Many of the usual suspects were distracted by other races (No Name/summer 100s) or recovering from injuries. Heidi, Andreas, and Jon weren’t going to miss such a fun race. Heidi and Andreas were taking advantage of Dick Collins as a last long run before Rio Del Lago. Much easier to run 50 miles with great support.

Dick Collins Firetrails winds through the Berkeley hills of California. The inaugural event occurred in 1983 with past winners including Ann Trason and Dave Mackey. This out-and-back course is stunning. Miles of single-track trail through towering redwoods, shedding evergreen trees, and golden fields. Views of Lake Chabot and the San Francisco bay. Rolling hills introduce enough climbs and descents to keep things interesting. The total elevation gain is about 7800ft. Aid is available every 3-5 miles. Every aid station has a theme and the volunteers are so enthusiastic. Finishers receive a Dick Collins wineglass and jacket. The perfect race for a first or fiftieth 50 miler.

Heidi and Andreas ran the race together. Another of our awesome running couples. They fought through some warm temperatures to finish strong.  You guys are ready for Rio!!

Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp

Official Results:

Heidi Heitkamp: 69th overall and 17th GP, 11:23:28

Baker Lake 50k

Congratulations DeAnna and Dave on finishing the Baker Lake trail 50k!! Great job DeAnna on winning the women’s masters division! A low key event, the race organizers take a family friendly approach to the race, encouraging runners to bring friends and family to enjoy the lake recreation area while they are running.

The location is upper Washington near the border with Canada (slightly northeast of Seattle). The race start is at Baker Lake and heads into Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The scenic course features a variety of flowers and plants, douglas fir trees, and flowing water. Plenty of rolling hills, bridge crossings, and maple leaf covered single-track. While beautiful, difficulties lie in the presence of only one real aid station at the turn-around (~15 miles) with very limited water at miles 5 and 25. The elevation gain is about 3400 ft but the course contains many technical sections with slippery moss and log bridges.

Congrats DeAnna and Dave!! Definitely a race worth checking out for any of our SB runners.

Photo Credit: Dave Odell

Official Results:

DeAnna Odell: 15th overall and 5th GP, 5:19:36

Dave Odell: 52nd overall and 35th GP, 6:11:05

No Name 5030

The Santa Barbara Mountain Racing team (and more generally SB) had a strong showing at No Name on October 1!! No Name 5030 has a variety of trail race distances ranging from 15k to 50 miles. The race takes place in Agoura Hill, CA at Cheeseboro Canyon park. Thankfully the 90+ degree heat earlier in the week broke leaving temperatures warm but not searing hot for race day. Even a little chilly at the start.

Photo Credit: Rachel

The course covers some beautiful views of the surrounding hillsides and nearby cities. The trails feature a mixture of fireroad and single-track – very run-able trails. Mostly exposed, the runners were occasionally shaded by beautiful, large oak trees. A welcome respite in the later, warmer miles. Unfortunately there are only two major aid stations at miles 10 and 15 with water drops scattered amid other miles.

Photo Credit: Craig Prater

SB Mountain Racing team members did fantastic at the 50k even if many of them got lost. Congratulations to Kate for winning the 50k! Joe and Daniel Scarberry were running super fast and unfortunately missed a turn, cutting the course short. I also got lost and added on two bonus miles to finish with 32 miles. Not long after an awesome finish at Cascade Crest 100, Monica ran a great race. Mark fought a troublesome hamstring and Patty wasn’t going to let a cold stop her. Both finished very well!!

Photo Credit:  Diona
Photo Credit: Steve Smith

A great showing from many of our SB trail runners. Diona fought through stomach trouble to come in third in the 50k. Michael Salsbury and his son Sebastian (at only 10 years old) ran together for the entire 50k. Kevin Cody and Craig Prater took second and third respectively in the 15k. David Silverander won the 30k! Jeannee Diaz and Mariann Thomas also ran the 15k. Steve Smith, Ashley Mayfield, James Aviani, and Michael Davenport also finished the 50k.

Congrats to all our SB runners!!

Photo Credit: Friendly No Name Runner

Official Results:

Patty Bryant: 25th overall and 13th GP, 6:50:42

Monica DeVreese: 14th overall and 7th GP, 5:24:07

Kate Elliott: 4th overall and 1st GP, 4:46:34

Stephanie Fronk: 13th overall and 6th GP, 5:22:24

Mark Warren: 18th overall and 10th GP, 6:04:02