Wild Cherry Canyon – SLO Ultra

Heidi, Karen, Patty, and many local Santa Barbara trail runners headed SLO Ultra at Wild Cherry Canyon. For Heidi, the marathon at Wild Cherry Canyon was the first tune up race leading to her 100 at Rio Del Lago. Karen has been battling an injury but decided to head to SLO with her friends. Back from the Summit for Danny in Norway, Patty tackled the half marathon. And such a fun race! The Wild Cherry Canyon races take place on the trails near San Luis Obispo and offers stunning coastal views. Distance options include a half marathon, marathon, and 50 miler. Other Santa Barbara runners include Elliot Reese, Andreas Hampp, Sam Howland, Terry Wong, Sandy Sanger, Annie Reese, Phil Nigh (50 miler), and Simone Kleinschmidt (50 miler).

The course consists of a big loop with several out-and-back sections. It’s a difficult marathon with about 4900 ft of elevation gain. The terrain consists of a mixture of single-track trail and fire road. These trails are on private land and only available to runners for this race. A great opportunity to run somewhere new. Native wildlife includes cattle and horses (much better than mountain lions!).

Heidi and Karen did fantastic! Heidi cruised through this race despite running high mileage the previous weekend.  Karen wasn’t going to let an injury ruin her day – she and Patty finished the half marathon together. Local race director, Luis Escobar, was there to capture many of the moments – check out the race pictures and videos posted on his Facebook page. Heidi came home with some hardware, taking 3rd in her age group. She is looking strong and will be ready for Rio in November. Congrats Heidi, Karen, Patty, and all of the SB runners!!

Here are a few of Heidi’s finish line pictures:

Photo Credit: Heidi Heitkamp
Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp
Photo Credit:  Heidi Heitkamp

Official Results:

Heidi Heitkamp: 5:12:30, 39th overall and 16th GP (marathon)

Karen Boris:  2:45:55, 144th overall and 76th GP (half marathon)

Patty Bryant:  2:45:55, 145th overall and 77th GP (half marathon)


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