Bulldog 50k

Congratulations Kate on a second place finish at Bulldog 50K! Bulldog is a well-known race, taking place not far from Santa Barbara in Calabasas, CA in the Santa Monica Mountains. There is a 25k an d a 50k option. The 50k is essential the 25k twice. This race is best known for being HOT. Nancy Shura-Dervin, the race director, warns participants every year about the likelihood of very high temperatures, especially on the exposed sections of the course (ie all of it). Past races have experiences temperatures over 100°F.  There are horror stories from past participants of melting as they make the second climb up the Bulldog hill.

Ignoring the heat, the course is a beautiful mix of fireroads and single-track trail.  It starts out with about a mile of flatish running before the first major climb begins.  A long fireroad climb leads to ridgeline views of the Pacific Ocean.  Plenty of runnable downhill follows with a few minor climbs to mix things up before it’s time for the second loop.  Thankfully, while still plenty warm, Bulldog had another year of mild temperatures.

Kate headed to Bulldog with her good friend Diona and they both conquered the course!  Kate finished second with Diona close behind for third.  Way to go ladies!!

Kate awards pic
Photo Credit: Kate Elliott


Kate Elliott:  4:37:28 (9th overall and 2nd GP)





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