Angeles Crest 100

Angeles Crest 100 is one of the original 100 mile races. Despite being held in southern California in the middle of August, AC is still an insanely popular race which has previously sold out within minutes of registration opening and since switched to a lottery system. Both Joe and Ken both decided to run this race for a second year in a row. This point-to-point course has a grueling 20,000 to 21,000 ft of elevation gain with a high point of 9300 ft at Baden Powell. It’s packed with mountainous, technical climbs and descents. Midday temperatures on exposed sections of the trail can easily go above 100°F. Ken chose to run solo, however, Joe had two trusty pacers in Mark and Dave. Other notable Santa Barbara affiliated entrants include Jon Zaid, Tyler Clemens, Ian Seabury, and Peter Brennen.

After starting the race at 5 am Saturday morning, Joe and Ken ran through the day and then also ran through the night. 100 miles is a long way to run. Mark was able to join Joe at Chilao Aid Station (mile 53) and Dave at Chantry Flats Aid Station (mile 74.5). Back in Santa Barbara, the rest of the team settled for following their races via live tracking. Both had fantastic performances. Joe finished about 7 hours faster than last year! Ken has raced well here two years in a row – he was about 1.5 hours faster than last year.  Congrats guys on conquering such a difficult race!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

crew getting ready to start
Photo credit: Kevin Cody
Ken finishing
Photo credit: Kevin Cody
Monica & Joe at Finish
Photo credit: Monica DeVreese
Our boys
Photo credit: Dave Odell
Ken at the finish line
Photo credit: Kevin Cody

Here’s the official results:

Joe: 24:28:26 (19th overall and 19th GP)

Ken: 27:01:13 (42nd overall and 41st GP)

And check out Joe’s Race Report on rabbit chatter!


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