San Francisco Marathon

Congratulations to Monica, DeAnna, Patty, Dave, and Tyler for awesome San Francisco marathon performances! Boston qualifications for Monica, DeAnna, Patty, and Tyler. The course makes a big loop around the streets of San Francisco with plenty of hills. A very scenic course with a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge and views of the waterfront, historic neighborhoods, and other notable landmarks. In it’s 39th year, the San Francisco marathon had over 26,000 runners. A much larger field than the trail ultramarathons we’re used to racing. Thankfully the temperatures stayed cool. Combined with an early 5:30 am start, they had to battle the course but thankfully not the heat. Great job team!

Here’s the official results:

Tyler: 2:43:33 (11th overall!! and 11th GP)

Dave Odell: 4:20:23 (2340th overall and 1810 GP)

Patty: 3:54:58 (1260th overall and 221st GP)

Monica: 3:27:44 (432nd overall and 48th GP)

DeAnna: 3:27:42 (429th overall and 47th GP)


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